HOUSTON There is no doubt that firefighting is a brotherhood and family. One retired Houston Firefighter has made it his mission to make sure that the fallen are more than names on a wall.

The thing about history is the dark days are remembered most.

Take the worst nightmare that you have and quadruple it, said Scott Mellott. It really, it devastates me.

The most recent dark days are especially devastating.

One is bad. Two is unimaginable. More than three let s not even talk about it until it happens, he said.

Firefighters don t like to talk about the risks, but when the worst days come they are catalogued in Houston by retired firefighter Mellott.

Weeks like this one are worst.

It is hard for me to function. Because I take it personal. I am OK with that, and because I take it personal is how I can do this website, he said.

He retired in 2006, but still curates the

It is something I think that I was just meant to do, Mellott said.

The fallen will always be names on a wall, but to him they are much more than that.

All 69 HFD line-of-duty deaths are cataloged here all the way back to 1895.

They call them the bravest for a reason.

[Losing four] is hard to imagine, but you know it is going to happen because that is just the nature of the beast, Mellott said.

There is no preparing for history, just remembering it.

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