HOUSTON A man severely spanked a 4-year-old boy for having an accident in his underpants, according to Houston police.

Raymond Aranda, 34, was charged with felony injury to a child.

The little boy said he was trying to run to the bathroom one day, but just did not make it in time and messed himself. He said his Daddy Ray, the name he calls Aranda, got mad at him for doing so and struck him on the legs, arms and in the chest with a belt, according to court documents.

The boy was trying to wipe himself off when Aranda allegedly punched him in the stomach.

Investigators said the boy was in severe pain and suffered several laceration marks to his chest.

When questioned, Aranda admitted he got angry with the boy for, in his words, boo-booing on himself and should have known better. He said the child was jumping around too much while being spanked and that is how he got hit in the chest, investigators said.

As far as the lacerations on his chest, Aranda said that was scarring from the boy s eczema.

Investigators felt the boy had been abused and moved forward with the charges.

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