HOUSTON After fighting for his country, a Houston homeowner said he s been forced to fight his HOA to fly his American flag.

Only me, said Billy Martin, who once fought in Vietnam and serves as a military Chaplain. I m the only one in this entire place have they demanded I remove my flag and flag pole.

That s why the stars and stripes in front of Martin s home fly upside down. He called it his way of protesting the Forest Lake Townhome Association for filing a lawsuit and slapping him with a $200 a day fine.

Some of his neighbors fly flags, but theirs are attached to their houses.

According to the lawsuit, Martin s flag violates the community s bylaws because the flag pole rests on common grounds owned by the HOA.

Martin said he believes he s being punished by the association because he once complained about the old beat up and weathered flag that used to fly atop a pole near the community club house.

He demanded it be taken down and replaced. Eventually, it was.

A few days later, I get a letter in the mail demanding I remove my flag and flag pole, he said.

And that s when the battle began. Martin said he will never back down.

If I lose my home, if I lose everything I have, my flag will fly, he said.

Martin has been given a January trial date. By then, he could be facing tens of thousands of dollars in fines.

Channel 11 s calls to the HOA s attorney were not returned.

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