HOUSTON -- Police are searching for two crooks who burglarized a legally blind woman s apartment in southwest Houston. It happened last week in the 9800 block of Fondren.

Surveillance video from the apartment complex shows two men waiting outside the front gate.

The victim got into her daughter s SUV, and the two drove off.

One of the suspected criminals was then seen walking through the open gate. The victim believes that crook walked to a side gate and let the second criminal in.

Police said the pair kicked in the door of her apartment and helped themselves to whatever they wanted.

I m in constant fear. It s hard to walk into a place you once called home and not feel like you re home, said the victim, who only wants to be identified as Stacy . I feel very, very violated.

Stacy said the burglars stole an estimated $10,000 worth of items, including a laptop and her daughter s two guitars.

She has been legally blind for her entire life, and she questions if the thieves preyed on her vulnerability.

There s people in the world that envy people that are doing the right things in life and working hard toward something, she said.

Stacy s apartment complex gave her a copy of the video. Her daughter has helped talk her through it.

It shows the men watching and waiting. It also shows them leaving the complex with Stacy s luggage, apparently full of stolen items.

There s only so much I can do, and they knew that, she added. I could be walking outside and not know that somebody is looking into the gate or across the street watching.

Stacy wants to credit her complex for having surveillance cameras that were rolling at the time.

She now plans to have a security system installed in her apartment.

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