WEST, Texas -- Many people who live near the site of last week s plant explosion in West, Texas are still not being allowed back in their homes.

A few hundred yards from the fertilizer plant you see homes with blown out windows, buckled walls and a roadblock that few hundred residents can't get past..

We basically just got out of there and have not been back at all, said West resident Paula Kapavik.

She hasn't seen her house since the night of the blast. Neither has Gary Horton.

It's still standing as far as we know, said West resident, Gary Horton. But the ceiling is caved in. The roof is kind of caved in. And that's all we know.

They were among the West residents who lined up outside the city library on Thursday to register their name and license plate numbers, so that officials can identify them and let them back in.

Bruce Griffin, whose house is near the ravaged apartment complex, doesn't expect to find much.

All the windows were blown out. The ceilings were collapsed, he said.

The residents of an estimated 75 homes who registered Thursday have been told that they might be able to go home and see what pieces are left possibly on Saturday.

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