ABBOTT, Texas Two days after the explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, dozens of families still cannot get back into their homes. Understandably, they were forced to evacuate immediately.

They were all rushing in to take care of business, said Dan Gazelka, who owns a motorcycle racing shop and lives just down the street from the plant.

Gazelka along with his wife and 2-year-old son have been staying in hotel in Waco since the explosion.

I was there about 15-to-20 minutes and then we got out, Gazelka said.

The Gazelkas took photos of the fire at the plant from their front yard before being knocked to the ground by the blast.

The family was not injured, but their house is damaged. They also want to be reunited with their two indoor cats.

First responders, they are always in there right away. Heroes? Yeah they are, said Bernard Gerick, who owns a True Value Hardware store in the downtown square.

Like the Gazelkas, he is just trying to stay busy until officials let him and his wife back into their home.

Gerick lives on North Main as well, which has been blocked off since Wednesday. He would like to get in and start cleaning up.

My doors were in and my windows were blown out...I'm real fortunate because I was on the outside... It's nothing but glass inside of my house, Gerick said.

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