HOUSTON -- The majority of the victims from Tuesday s attacks at Lone Star College Cy-Fair campus are now out of the hospital.

Some of those victims are sharing their stories, while they are still trying to wrap their minds around what happened inside the halls of the school.

Andrea Cervantes says she had never seen Dylan Quick before. Now, she can t get his face out of her mind.

She had just finished an Anatomy and Physiology exam on Tuesday morning and was sitting by some vending machines with a friend when she recalls seeing Quick charge toward them.

I thought he had punched me in the neck. I didn t know he had stabbed me. I just thought he came up to me and punched me in the neck, said Andrea Cervantes.

Cervantes says she never saw a razor and did not feel immediate pain. It took her a minute to realize that she was bleeding.

I felt wet. I looked down and realized I had been stabbed. I touched my neck and saw blood just pulsing out of my neck, she remembered.

The razor cut deep. Cervantes was airlifted to the hospital and needed several stitches.

Based on what she witnessed, she believes Quick is mentally unstable.

It was like almost a game to him. I had explained to my family, it was as if he was playing duck duck goose. [He was going] from one person to the next, you re it, you re it, you re it, she recalled.

Cervantes, who moved to the Houston area last June from Long Beach, Calif., says she plans to return to the school.

She is still haunted by the question of why, and would like to send a message to Quick.

Do you understand how many people you ve affected and how badly you ve affected them?

Another victim chosen at random was Michelle Alvarez.

I saw him running toward me, but judging from his face, he had a smirk like he was having fun. I thought he s probably just running somewhere, said Michelle Alvarez.

Alvarez tried to step out of the way, but says Quick intentionally ran into her and went for her throat.

I see a blur of his hand just coming and punching me in the throat. That s when I hit the floor, explained Alvarez.

Alvarez is one of the few victims who didn t need to be rushed away for treatment. She believes Quick intended to cut her deeper.

I am thanking God every second that I m still breathing. I m not in the hospital. I got to go home and hug my dad, she added.

Dylan Quick is due in court Thursday morning.

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