SAN ANTONIO -- Three brothers were arrested over the weekend in connection to the brutal beating of a gay man at a west-side apartment complex.

According to a San Antonio police report, the 48-year-old victim told officers he was doing laundry and visiting with other tenants at his apartment building in the 6000 block of West Commerce Street on Sunday.

The man told officers that one of the three brothers confronted him and and called him a derogatory name in Spanish. He apparently didn't like the way the victim was looking at him, according to the report, and continued to explain how he hated gay people.

The three brothers allegedly punched the man in the face, held him down and bit one of his knuckles, according to the report. The victim told police they continued to beat him until he blacked out. Upon waking up, he immediately walked to a nearby apartment and called police.

Officers responded to the building and were directed to the apartment of Juan Huerta-Gonzalez, 35; Aurelio Huerta-Gonzalez, 33; and Filiberto Huerta-Gonzalez, 30.

Aurelio allegedly told officers he was tired of the victim always making advances and calling him and his brothers baby and sweet thing. The brother then explained to officers that another man had delivered the knockout punch and that he and his brother had actually pulled the man off of the victim.

However, the victim was only able to identify the three brothers and not the other man allegedly involved. The three brothers were arrested and charged with assault-hate crime. They were then booked into Bexar County Jail, where they awaited immigration and customs enforcement agents.

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