AUSTIN, Texas-- Google and the City of Austin are unveiling some big new plans for the tech world on Tuesday.

Speculation is swirling around an expansion for Google Fiber. The Internet service is designed to operate at speeds faster than anything else offered to most customers across the nation.

Google executives aren t confirming whether it s launching the service in Austin, but several anonymous City of Austin sources say it s coming.

If true, Austin would become one of the first cities in the nation to get the service. Currently it's available in Kansas City.

I think it's great. I think it's a technology advancement for Austin and I think it'll really move us forward, said one Austinite.

Google Fiber brings Internet speeds that clock in 100 times faster than any other service. Tech experts say the service could boost Austin's economy by luring in a whole new group of tech companies.

Basically any start up that could live in a residential house, now it's more attractive to live in Kansas City, and the same could happen in Austin, explained Austin tech blogger Tom Cheredar.

The service looks to be affordable as well. In Kansas City customers get regular broadband speed service for free with a one-time installation fee of $300. Otherwise the faster gigabit service costs $70 per month.

The official announcement is expected at 11 a.m. on Tuesday. Governor Ricky Perry is expected to be in attendance.
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