HOUSTON -- A Houston mother says HISD keeps skipping her son's bus stop leaving the special-needs student waiting by himself.

Every morning since school began last fall, 12-year-old Isaiah has had the same routine. He leaves his apartment in time to be at the bus stop in front of his apartment complex at 7:30 a.m. sharp.

Isaiah is a mentally disabled fifth grader at Shadow Briar Elementary School.

The bus didn't come, he said.

Three times now, according to his mom, Isaiah has waited and waited for a bus that never showed up.

Mom Sheila Moody said each time she called the district and did not get any results.

On top of that, no one even notified me as a parent, Sheila Moody said.

I don't like standing in cold weather. I like hot weather better, Isaiah said.

Isaiah's mother said he functions at a high level and is able to carry out routines like getting himself to the bus stop. But if the routine varies, he may not be able to problem solve.

Sheila has to leave for work early each morning to drive to Cleveland.

She said if one of the apartment managers hadn't spotted Isaiah Thursday morning and told him to go back home after seeing him at the bus stop for two hours, he might have stood out on the very busy street all day.

Houston Independent School District officials denied to KHOU 11 News that the bus has ever been a no-show, just a little late a couple of times, they said.

District officials stated in a written response that from now on Isaiah's mother will be notified if anything impacts the bus route. Also, a trainer will ride with the driver for the next week to make sure he's doing everything correctly.

Isaiah's mom is skeptical but hopeful. She says she will have to explain things to him because when the bus doesn t show, he thinks the driver is mad at him and it leaves him feeling sad.

HISD Transportation Services told 11 News the bus was 18 minutes late on Thursday due to mechanical problems.

HISD officials said it has now equipped Isaiah's mom with the cell phone numbers of transportation managers.

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