HOUSTON Houston police said late Wednesday a violent crash between a sedan and a pickup truck may have been caused by a missing stop sign.

The driver of the truck was seriously injured and was sent to the hospital in stable condition. The car s driver was treated at the scene.

According to officers with the Houston Police Department, it was shortly before 10 p.m. when a Nissan Altima went through the intersection of Schurmier Road and Cullen Boulevard without stopping. A driver traveling southbound on Cullen, who had the right of way, slammed into the car.

Both vehicles rolled and spun into a nearby ditch. The driver in the truck was trapped and had to be freed by firefighters.

The car s driver later told officers he was unfamiliar with the area, and he didn t realize he was supposed to stop at Cullen.

Police said the stop sign on Schurmier may have been taken out by a car accident.

Rueben Bobbie lives near the accident scene and he said the sign has been missing for three or four months.

Officers said it was thought the missing sign was reported to Public Works, but no action was taken. Public Works spokesman Alvin Wright said that s not true.

If it s not reported, there s not very much we can do about it unless one of our crews happens to run across it, Wright said.

The intersection is located on the border of Harris County and Houston, and HPD said the prior crash at the location may have been handled by deputies.

We asked Harris County about the missing sign and they said it s on the Houston side. So we called 311 to report it. We ll keep you posted.

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