HOUSTON John Goodman, the Houston millionaire convicted last year in a high-profile DUI case cannot adopt his adult girlfriend, judges have ruled.

A panel of three judges said that by not telling his ex-wife and kids about the plan, Goodman violated their right to due process.

Goodman was sentenced to 16 years in prison last yearfor the drunk driving death of Scott Patrick Wilson, 23.

Prosecutors said Goodman, a River Oaks native, was drunk when he crashed his $250,000 Bentley into Wilson s Hyundai in West Palm Beach. The Hyundai was pushed into a canal, and Wilson drowned.

Goodman walked away from the crash, saying he saw no sign of the young man s car.

The polo mogulmade worldwide headlines when headopted his girlfriend, Heather Hutchins,to protect his family fortune from a lawsuit filed by the victim s family. Goodman later settled the suit for $46 million, according to WPEC-TV.

His ex-wife later appealed the ruling that allowed hm to adopt Hutchins, leading to Thursday's decision.

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