FORT WORTH Deputies found bomb-making materials, a Domino's pizza bag and bloody clothing in the car driven by Colorado prison gang member Evan Ebel.

Ebel is suspected in the death of Colorado's prison chief and a pizza delivery man in that state before shooting Montage County Deputy James Boyd after a high-speed chase last week in North Texas.

Boyd spoke out for the first time on Tuesday afternoon.

I remember seeing the gun barrel, and that's it, Boyd said from a room at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth. I could see the cartridges fly out!

The 27-year-old counts himself fortunate to still be here.

He was trying to do a traffic stop on a black Cadillac sedan last Thursday.

Little did he know at that time that Evan Ebel was behind the wheel and police say on the run having just fled Colorado, where he is suspected in two murders.

Boyd said something just didn't look right with Ebel's car, and then all of a sudden he was shot, knocked to the ground after approaching the car.

I got halfway up and noticed, 'Hey I'm bleeding now.

A bulletproof vest likely saved his life, as did help from a fellow law enforcement officer who just happened to be driving by.

Ebel was stopped in Wise County a short time later and killed.

But without Boyd's initial, gut feeling, there is no telling how long Ebel might have remained a danger to others.

Nevertheless, this young deputy doesn't consider himself a hero.

It puts it into perspective, he said. I got lucky.

Deputy Boyd says he will undergo physical rehab but hopes to soon be back on the job.

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