HOUSTON Sneaky purse thieves continue to prey on Houston women who leave their cars unlocked while they pump gas.

It only takes them a few seconds to grab the handbag and drive away.

One victim was at a station on Old Spanish Trail when her purse was stolen.

I chased him to his vehicle. He jumped into the passenger side and I grabbed the doorknob and he locked the doors, one victim told us. And I beat the glass about five or six times, and then he sped off down the street.

The woman asked us not to use her name or show her face because the thieves stole her IDs and credit cards. She now carries a baseball bat when she pumps gas.

I stand here with my bat in my hand. If they ever come back, I am going to hit them with my bat! she warned. And let me tell you, it is solid. Boom, boom, boom!

Police say nearly every gas station along OST has been hit by the thieves.

They advise women to lock their doors while pumping gas and keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles.


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