(KMOV) St. Louis native Kimora Lee Simmons is an A-list celebrity and reality TV star. But one of her newest ventures, an online shopping site for shoes and accessories, is striking a sour note with one local woman.

Melissa Michel says she likes her new purse. She likes its $20 price, like the colors, likes everything, except the bill she noticed on her bank statement after buying it.

I checked my bank statement and found a reoccurring charge for $39.95 from justfab, said Michel.

She bought the purse from, where Kimora Lee Simmons is president and creative director.

Michel couldn t understand why justfab was charging her $40 a month, even though she wasn t buying anything.

She got an answer on a company chat line.

She stated anytime you buy your first item, you re automatically enrolled in a membership for $39.95, she said. I said, this is ridiculous. She said, no, it s in the terms and conditions, which are at the very bottom, really small, fine print.

It turns out anytime anyone buys anything from justfab they become a member and are automatically billed $40 a month.

The money can be used for purchases, but if nothing is bought, the bill still comes.

Michel said there was no warning about the membership.

A justfab spokeswoman disagrees.

She says there are several notices on the website of the monthly charge.

She just it should be clear that justfab is not just a shopping site, it s a subscription service with 10 million members.

Either way, Michel says she has learned a lesson.

Now I read the fine print, every little thing, to make sure, she said.

Michel has another complaint. Customers can only cancel their justfab memberships over the phone and says she could never get through.

There was good news for Michel, though.

The justfab spokeswoman in Los Angeles offered to personally look into the matter, and she got her money back.

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