HOUSTON -- Log onto his YouTube channel and you will see there is nothing traditional about Doug Perry s views on religion.

Perry is the founder of the Fellowship of the Martyrs, a faith-based community with about 70 members in Liberty, Missouri.

James Todd, of Houston, was once one of them.

I consider it a cult, Todd now says.

Todd now claims the group broke up his marriage after encouraging his wife, Jennifer, to listen to voices.

And she said, um, well last night God told me to take my wedding ring off, that it was done, he said.

Todd s wife told him their marriage was over because God had chosen another man in the group to be her partner.

Perry denies having anything to do with it.

We take marriage very, very seriously he said.

Speaking over Skype, Perry said the Todds marriage had been struggling. He also accused James of abandoning his family last year when he left Liberty.

And this is essentially a nasty, ugly custody battle being played on the 10 o clock news, he said.

While Perry says he feeds the hungry and houses the homeless, it is no secret that he also accepts some questionable people.

One of them was recently arrested and charged in a plot to blow up churches in Oklahoma.

There are former drug addicts, current drug addicts, drunks, um, violent offenders, James Todd said.

Todd said his only goal now is to get his wife and kids out, while Perry believes he is on a crusade to tear down his ministry.

He never had any problem that his kids were unsafe, he never had any problem calling us a cult, anything like that, until his wife said I want a divorce, Perry said. Then all of a sudden all of us are evil and deadly and he s got to get custody.

Jennifer Todd did not want to be interviewed for this story, but released the following statement:

I consider the custody dispute between James and I to be a personal matter. My children are safe, happy, and well cared for, and I would much rather work out an agreement with James personally and through family court than have my personal life and my children in the media. I do not consider my situation to be newsworthy or of public concern.

For now, she and the kids are staying with the group, while her husband struggles to bring the family back together in Houston.

For more information on the Fellowship of the Martyrs, click here.

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