HOUSTON Houston police have identified the remains of a woman s charred body that was discovered Friday behind a washateria in northeast Houston.

HPD said she was identified as 40-year-old Angelica Garibay. Officers said she had two small star temporary tattoos one blue and one pink on her stomach.

Police received a 911 call reporting a fire burning in the 1300 block of Lorraine Street around 6:40 a.m. Friday.

Houston firefighters initially thought it was just a pile of rubbish on fire. When they put out the blaze, they discovered the woman s remains. Arson investigators and K-9 units were then called out.

Police said it appears that she was killed somewhere else, then brought to that location and set afire.

A call from a concerned relative gave the medical examiner information enough information to identity Garibay. She was a U.S. Navy veteran and mother of three.

At some point after leaving the military. Angelica lost custody of her kids. Also, shortly after leaving the military, she was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, said Eli Cisneros of HPD s Homicide Division.

That was in the mid 90s.Police said Garibay turned to drugs and began to wander the streets, despite the fact she had a place to stay.

Angelica had a strong family support system, but unfortunately this wasn t enough to keep her from spiraling downhill, said Cisneros.

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