HOUSTON -- A Greenspoint-area man goes to extremes to track his stolen iPad.

It happened after someone broke into Steve Harcourt's apartment on Wells Fargo Drive and stole all of his electronics.

He showed KHOU 11 News the damage to the door.

All this here has been replaced, said Harcourt. You can see the screws and the caulk. They still got a footprint on the door from the guy.

He filed a police report and then decided to try and track one of his stolen iPads.

The ping led him to a cellular kiosk at Greenspoint Mall. Harcourt drove to the mall and started questioning the man behind the counter.

Harcourt says the man walked away from kiosk and ran into the parking lot.

Harcourt followed him.

The man jumped in his truck and Harcourt made a split-second decision to hop in the back of the truck.

Next thing I know, he's gunning it through the parking lot probably doing 50-60 miles an hour, said Harcourt.

Trying to balance himself in the back, Harcourt called 911.

I think he was trying to throw me out of the truck, recalled Harcourt. So I grabbed the flat panel screen that he had thrown in the back and started beating on the back of the truck and busted his back windows out.

Police caught up with the truck on Imperial Valley and brought everyone back to the mall.

No iPads at the kiosk matched the serial numbers for Harcourt's, but the worker admitted that he will ask more questions when customers sell him used electronics.

No one was arrested in the case, but Harcourt himself could have faced a criminal mischief charge.

Was I foolish for doing it? Probably. Could I have been killed more than likely, said Harcourt. If I did any bit of good, then it was worth it.

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