A new and dangerous candy is popping up in schools. Its main ingredient? Weed.

The drug-infused candy is easy to hide from teachers and parents, because unlike raw marijuana, it does not smell.

Gresham police officer Rick Blake says the candy, which is often molded into the shape of a skull, is growing in popularity.

We haven't experienced anything like this up until about a month ago... ever since then it's starting to increase in its popularity, he said.

According to Blake, students are purchasing the candies for about $1 to $5 and eating them during class.

They just sit and suck on it, they said. And, the biggest thing they said is that... having no odor, they can sit in class and have this thing... by the end of class, they're high, Blake added.

Blake sent the first batch of confiscated weed candy to the lab for testing. He points out that police aren't yet sure how potent the candy is or what other ingredients it may contain. Eating it, investigators warn, is a big gamble.

KENS 5 showed photos of the weed candy to local high schoolers, but students said they have yet to see it in local schools.

Parents say they find the new form of the drug frightening.

It just makes it seem that much more safe to a child, I suppose... If it's candy like as opposed to sneaking the smell of smoke, said San Antonio parent Peter Corrado.

Blake warns parents and teachers he expects to see the weed candy in schools in the coming weeks. He says the stuff they've seen so far has been green, but could easily be other colors too.
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