LAKE JACKSON, Texas -- A Galveston cruise ship carrying thousands of peopleis being hooked up to tugboats in the Gulf of Mexicoso it can be towed toAlabama.

People on board are saying the situation has gone from bad to worse. They say they're waiting hours for food, water is being rationed and the bathroom situation is pretty gross.

Carnival Triumph broke down after an engine fire Sunday morning more than 150 miles from the Yucatan Peninsula.

Every year about 200 people from all over Brazoria County go on what they call the girlfriends cruise.

Stranded on the Carnival Triumph with more than 4,000 others Donnell King described the experience as being very difficult.

People are sleeping in hallways, said King over the phone. I mean there's just mattresses and people collected everywhere.

Passengers have to use showers to urinate and use trash cans to defecate.

Some passengers have even reported seeing sewage running down cabin walls.

It's been pretty bad, said King. We've had limited food.

As of Monday evening, the ship was slowly floating north. Officials decided to tow the ship to Mobile, Alabama, instead of Progeso, Mexico. It s expected to arrive in Mobile on Thursday.

Carnival says the company is terribly sorry for the inconvenience, discomfort and frustration. All passengers will be given a full refund.

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