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ARLINGTON, Texas -- Thousands of people are expected to attend a public memorial service Monday afternoon for former Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle who was shot to death at a Texas shooting range.

Mourners will gather at Cowboys Stadium to pay tribute to the 38-year-old who completed four tours of duty in Iraq and wrote the best-selling book American Sniper.

Another Iraq War veteran, 25-year-old Eddie Ray Routh, has been charged in the killings of Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield at a gun range Feb. 2. Routh is being held in Erath County on $3 million bond.

Kyle will be buried at the Texas State Cemetery in Austin after a 200-mile funeral procession starting in the Dallas area Tuesday morning.

The director of the nonprofit that Kyle set up to give in-home fitness equipment to physically and emotionally wounded veterans has said that Kyle and Littlefield apparently had been helping Routh work through post-traumatic stress disorder.

Kyle, Littlefield and Routh were all together Feb. 2 when they arrived at the shooting range at Rough Creek Lodge, about 50 miles southwest of Fort Worth, authorities say. Routh later fled the range in Kyle s truck and went to his sister s home.

According to a search warrant, Routh told his sister and brother-in-law that the men were out shooting target practice and he couldn t trust them so he killed them before they could kill him. Routh s sister called the police, describing her brother as psychotic. Routh was arrested after a short police chase.

Routh s brother-in-law told authorities that Routh had recently been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. One of Routh s attorneys, J. Warren St. John, said his client had been released from the Dallas Veterans Affairs hospital against his family s wishes just two days before the shootings.

Littlefield s funeral was held Friday in Midlothian, where he and Kyle were neighbors. After the funeral, Littlefield s relatives said the men s outing with Routh was intended to be therapeutic.

Littlefield s father-in-law, Tom Montgomery, said Kyle regularly took veterans to the shooting range, and that Littlefield often assisted in efforts to help veterans.

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