SPRING -- As a boy, Rob Kuentz looked up to his dad. He even dressed like him and dreamed of one day working at a car dealership.

I have pictures of him everywhere he went, said his mother, Sandy Kuentz. He had to have that tie on because he was going to sell cars.

By 30, Kuentz was a supervisor at a Mac Haik dealership. He married his high school sweetheart, Heather, and had a son named Brady.

He was the best guy in the world, he would do anything for anybody, Heather Kuentz said. He loved his son more than anything.

It makes what happened in late November so difficult to understand.

Kuentz had argued with 49-year-old Keith Grimmett, a salesman, over his performance. The next day Grimmett came back to the dealership with a gun and allegedly shot Kuentz in the neck.

I think he s a coward, Sandy Kuentz said. I think he should of as a man been face to face with my son and told him there was a problem.

Kuentz later died at the hospital.

Grimmett was arrested after calling police. Prosecutors have charged him with murder.

But now, despite that charge, the family has learned he could walk out of jail. Grimmett has a bond hearing scheduled on February 26.

Relatives do not think that is right.

I was in shock, I couldn t think, Heather Kuentz said.

If it was possible for the death penalty, I d be all for it, said Jason Felps, Kuentz s brother.

Murder is a first degree felony and can lead to a life sentence in prison.

If Grimmett was charged with capital murder, he would not be eligible for bond and could have ultimately faced the death penalty.

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