HOUSTON -- A local mother is hugging her son a little tighter after he was left on campus without any supervision for more than an hour Tuesday afternoon.

It happened at Harmony School of Excellence Endeavor located at 5668 W. Little York Road.

I was very hysterical, said Christina Roberts.

Her 8-year-old son Adrian stayed late at school for tutorials and was supposed to be picked up by his daycare bus, but it never came.

Instead, he said no adults stuck around to make sure he was okay.

Did anyone try to question or help you, asked KHOU 11 News reporter Tiffany Craig to Adrian.

No ma'am, nobody, he replied.

Roberts discovered what had happened after driving to the daycare, Living Word Christian Academy, and finding out a new bus driver didn't make a second run to the campus.

The hysterical mom then rushed to the school and found her son and two other children all alone on the playground.

They don't have a check and balance obviously because my child was not the only child that was left, said Roberts. There were other children left there as well.

A daycare employee told KHOU 11 News to come back in the morning for an explanation; and, we couldn't reach anyone after hours at Harmony School of Excellence Endeavor.

Roberts said she filed a police report and did manage to speak briefly to the principal, but all she did was apologize.

If I wanted my child to have a better education to go to Harmony, that's wonderful, said Roberts. But I don't want him to come up missing with a better education. It won't do him any good.

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