MELISSA A Collin County family wants to know who would shoot their beloved pet.

Someone shot Chastity the cat with an arrow. She came home Sunday with the bow still sticking through her skin.

It has created an anxious feeling in the Melissa neighborhood.

The arrow that went through the cat is designed for a crossbow. It has a removable tip, which is usually used for target practice.

Molli Scott let her two-year-old cat out on Sunday afternoon. A short time later, Chastity came back into the garage, with the arrow entering over the cat's front left leg and exiting a few inches behind the entry wound.

It's sickening to me that nobody did anything to help her, Scott said. An animal is a living and feeling thing, so it's just sick that somebody could do something like this.

The Scotts took Chastity to an emergency animal clinic, where a veterinarian removed the arrow. But there's another problem. The cat's paw was severely broken, likely by a fall.

We got the phone call this morning that said we'd probably have to amputate the arm, Scott said.

Chastity's regular vet, Dr. John Pazora, said her prognosis is good, even with an amputation looming.

The arrow has left the Scotts, their neighbors, and even Collin County Animal Services officer Cameron Brooks wondering who would do such a thing.

That cat didn't hurt anybody or anything, Brooks said. It hurts to see something like that, because I am a cat lover. I do have cats.

Chastity's vet says she is one lucky cat. The arrow did not cause internal injuries, and the arrow's tip if used for hunting would have killed her.

Nobody wants to let their other animals out it's just not right, Scott said. That's my feeling about it. It's horrifying.

Donations are being collected to assist the family with Chastity's vet bills. Click here if you'd like to help.

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