HOUSTON -- Good news for a baby girl born with part of her heart outside her chest -- she s been released from the hospital.

Baby Audrina spent three months in Texas Children's Hospital after doctors performed lifesaving surgery.

She now has a specially-made pink heart protector. This shield is to protect her heart that you can still see beating outside of her body. Audrina will have to wear it until doctors can perform reconstructive surgery, likely using some of her own rib bone, to form protection where her sternum should be.

Her mother says even though Audrina has a tough road ahead, she's already overcome so much.

I'm very excited, very anxious, nervous all at once that we're able to go home, said Audrina s mom, Ashley Cardenas. But it's a very, very big step. It's been a blessing to say that we're finally going home after three and a half months.

The Cardenas family is from Midland.

Mom says they will continue to live in Houston as Audrina recovers, but hopes to reunite with the rest of their family soon.

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