HOUSTON -- Greg Cortez, 22, is confined to his hospital bed at Memorial Hermann Hospital. Doctors say he may never walk again after a senseless crime left him virtually paralyzed.

Cortez was driving home when he got a flat tire on Beltway 8. When he stopped to change it,three men pulled up and shot him.

According to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, the crime happened in the 12200-block ofEast Beltway 8 north near North Lake Houston Parkway around 3 a.m. on Jan. 14.

They asked him what s wrong. And he said he needed help with his tire, Cortez s mother told KHOU 11 News during an exclusive interview. And that s when a guy pulled out a gun and told him I want your money.

Cortez handed over his wallet, car keys and other belongings. But that wasn t enough, as the robbers walked off, they turned around and shot him.

My son didn t deserve that. He didn t do anything to anybody, said Cortez s mother.

She has been at the hospital every day since the shooting last Monday. She is afraid to have name published but does want everyone to know what happened to her son.

He s suffering and he wants to walk so bad, said Cortez s mother. He s determined though.

Police did not get a good description of the suspects but investigators say they left in a four-door red Honda sedan. Anyone with any information is asked to please call investigators.

I want them caught, punished, said Cortez s mother.

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