HOUSTON Demonstrators protesting the TransCanada Keystone pipeline were arrested Monday in the Galleria area.

It all started when a few dozen people turned out for the protest at the Keystone offices in the 2700 block of Post Oak Boulevard. Police were also present to make sure the demonstration did not get out of hand.

However, it was not long before some of the protesters tried to get into the offices and were taken into custody.

The demonstrators were taking a stand against a pipeline that will transport crude oil extracted from what TransCanada refer to as oil sands. The demonstrators referred to them as tar sands.

The tar sands exploitation is the most ecologically destructive project on planet earth right now. And indigenous communities are being poisoned, Ron Seifert, a demonstrator, said.

That belief has spawned demonstrations in opposition to the TransCanada Keystone pipeline, which when completed will move oil from Alberta, Canada to refineries along the Gulf Coast of Texas.

Most of the protests have occurred along construction points.

But in a new move, demonstrators invaded TransCanada s Houston headquarters in an attempt to disrupt the flow of business as well.

We want to have face-to-face discussions with these people. We want to let them know that there is resistance to the harm that they re doing, Seifert said.

Instead of face-to-face discussions, two protestors were arrested in the building s lobby.

Officials with TransCanada maintain the pipeline has already yielded thousands of jobs to Americans, and will greatly enhance America s energy security.

It has already fueled tremendous debate.

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