HARRIS COUNTY -- Neighbors are on edge in one northwest Harris County community after a husband and wife were tied up and the husband was killed in their home.

Officials said the husband and wife had been bound and stuffed into separate closets. The husband, Jaime Melgar, had been beaten and stabbed to death.

Authorities said it happened on Sunday on Kelsey Meadows Court near North Gessner.

Investigators believe the motive was robbery, but have not said what may have been taken. Melgar's wife, Sandra, doesn't remember a lot about what happened.

Mrs. Melgar says that they were in the bathroom together, her and her husband, at approximately 1 a.m. (Sunday) morning, said Sgt. Robert Spurgeon, a Harris County detective. At some time she blacked out and the next thing she remembers is waking up in the closet tied up.

The Melgars were discovered on Sunday when family members showed up to celebrate the couple's 32nd wedding anniversary.

Now, several days later, neighbors are getting more anxious.

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