HOUSTON -- If you find yourself in the Harris County Juvenile Courthouse, typically it s because something s wrong. On Tuesday, however, everything was right. Better than right.

Ninety children, ranging in age from 1 to 17, were adopted in the CPS event.

It was just perfect, said Beth Gould, of Pearland.

Gould and her husband Tim are the proud new parents of three children, although it seems they ve known them in their hearts forever.

We ve had so much temporary in our life with other foster children, said Gould, And just knowing this is forever, this is our family. We can make plans for growing up now.

The children --Isaiah, Daniel and Liliana -- range in age from 18 months to 4 years old. What s more, they re biological siblings.

We knew there was great importance for biological siblings to be together, so they are able to gain a better sense of identity and a greater since of self value, said Tim Gould.

Roughly 1,200 children are waiting to be adopted in the greater Houston area, and about three quarters of them are part of a sibling group. Keeping them together is not only important; it s one of the biggest challenges.

It s a reality that isn t lost on Connie Moses, who said she decided to adopt her three granddaughters after they were removed from their mother s care because of neglect.

Times are hard, said Moses, and the kids are paying for it.

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