HOUSTON A 26-year-old Houston dad severely beat his 8-year-old son just because the child accidentally put his slippers on the wrong feet, according to Houston police.

Jonathan Walker was charged with felony injury to a child.

Police were called to the family s southeast Houston home on October 1 after receiving reports about the injured child.

After finding multiple visible bruises on the child s body, the boy was transported to Texas Children s Hospital for treatment and evaluation.

Doctors said the little boy suffered a bruised and swollen eye, belt marks, extension cord marks, possible cigarette burns and other injuries in multiple stages of healing. The boy told authorities his dad also punched him in the face.

Doctors said they feared the child could suffer death or other permanent damage if he continued to be in his father s care.

During a police interview, Walker admitted striking his son multiple times with the belt adding that, on previous occasions, he beat the boy until he saw injury. The dad then went on to say that the spankings he received as a child were much worse than the ones he gave his son, according to court documents.

Documents show that Walker was convicted in 2010for assaulting a family member.

Hisbail for this latest offensewas set at $30,000.

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