BAYTOWN, TX A Baytown neighborhood is praising one of its own for stopping two alleged would-be-burglars in their tracks. The vigilant neighbor took the law into his own hands when he saw the pair scaling a nearby fence.

Police said the neighbor confronted the suspects, and then went back into his home and got handcuffs and a gun.

The neighborreportedly handcuffed the two men together, and he held them at gunpoint until police arrived.

Roger Boose, 20, and 18-year-old Brandon Flores now face criminal trespassing charges.

Neighbors on Red Cedar Lane described living in a tight-knit community. Many neighbors said this has brought them even closer.

You have all this stuff that happens in the neighborhoods in Houston, where people are getting shot and killed and raped and murdered. We re not having it, said neighbor Suzanne Lumus.

Burglary is a familiar crime to a family two doors down from where the two men were apprehended. Richard Blanchard said his son s home has been hit twice since July.

We re tired of being burglarized. We work hard for everything we have, for what? For someone to come and take it away from us, said Richard Blanchard, whose son lives in the neighborhood.

Many of the properties in the area are clearly marked with security placards. Neighbors said that clearly isn t enough to keep the bad guys away.

You have no business breaking into someone s house, especially here. This is a one-way in, one-way out type of neighborhood, said neighbor Richard Shelvin.

Neitherthe homeowner, who wasn t home when this happened,or the man who foiled the burglarywanted to comment for this story.

KHOU alsowent to the suspects homes for comment.

Brandon Flores family said they didn t even know he had been arrested. There was no answer at the home of Roger Boose, and a family member later declined to comment over the telephone.

Both suspects are due in court on Dec. 7.

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