SAN ANTONIO -- A San Antonio man remained in critical condition Wednesday after being severely beaten earlier this month, but police are staying hopeful that they will find the suspects with the help of the public -- and some key surveillance video.

He hasn't gotten any better.He's still in very critical condition, said Officer Matt Porter of the San Antonio Police Department.

Police said Jose Fernandez, 68, was the victim in that beating. Fernandez was working security at a south-side Mexican restaurant off Somerset Road when the incident happened.

Surveillance video shows Fernandez was walking through the parking lot when a truck slammed into him. A suspect is seen getting out of the truck and then beating Fernandez with an unknown object.

Police haven't determined a motive, but one suspect is seen going through Fernandez s pockets before leaving the scene.

The crime happened Nov. 1, but since police released the video, the detective assigned to the case has received new information.

Obviously, he doesn't get into too much detail of the investigation, but just from the information that he gathered, he believes there is someone out there that knows more and he wants them to come forward, Porter said.

Police said Hernandez remains unresponsive and in critical condition. Those who know him are anxious for an arrest.

I don t know how someone could be so mean to do that to him, said Valerie Arias, who works at the restaurant where Fernandez was beaten.

It s very vicious. As you can see, he beat the victim, who was an elderly male, for at least 30 seconds with an unknown object. We don t see this a lot. It s a very vicious beating, Porter said.
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