HOUSTON Investigators in Galveston County are dealing with one of the biggest marijuana busts in recent memory.

A tip led deputies to a remote neighborhood outside of Santa Fe on Tuesday morning. According to the Galveston County Sheriff s Office, two men were seen loading packages from an 18-wheeler into vans.

Responding officers quickly realized what they were dealing with. In all, nearly 960 pounds of marijuana were seized.

Investigators are trying to figure out what brought two suspects from Brownsville to this remote area.

Why here. What is their connection to rural Galveston County? How did they end up where they ended up at and what connections does that have potentially to the things we have to deal with in narcotics investigations in this area? asked Major Ray Tuttoilmondo.

Jose Reyes, 32, and David Cavasos, 37, were taken into custody. It s unclear if they were also working with others in the area.

Major Ray Tuttoilmondo said neighbors who are accustomed to a typically tranquil lifestyle have reason to be on alert.

Typically, when people are dealing with this type of drug and this quantity of drug, they have a tremendous investment and they re going to look to protect that investment in any way that they can, up to and including any sort of violence that they deem appropriate.

The marijuana that was seized has an estimated street value of $575,000.

Investigators said the 18-wheeler was also filled with piles of rotting cabbage.

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