HOUSTON A fourth grader is describing an alarming encounter in the midst of a series of stranger-danger incidents in the Baytown Area.

Goose Creek CISD said there have been seven reports of strangers trying to lure students at bus stops since Sept. 25.

Victoria Walker Elementary School student Erik Poteet is one of the students who came forward.

The 10-year-old was standing with a neighborhood friend at the bus stop in his subdivision located at Cinnamon Lake Drive and Saffron. Poteet said a man drove up to them and asked if they wanted ice cream.

He said, did you want ice cream, and I said, no, because I have a bus stop and it s too early, explained Erik.

The guy didn t give up. Erik said he kept trying to get them into his tan or white Ford Taurus.

I didn t know what to do at first. I just told him I can t get in the car with you, he said.

Erik ran home and told his mother. She and all the other parents in the Goose Creek CISD are now learning of six other possible abduction attempts since the start of the school year.

That includes three cases involving students at Cedar Bayou Junior High.

If you re not teaching the kids to expect something like this, like don t talk to strangers and stuff like that, hey every 9 year old wants to have ice cream, said Jamie Rebando, Erik s mother.

The most recent stranger sighting last Friday involved a different tactic. A San Jacinto Elementary Student said a man in an orange Mustang pulled up to her and tried to lure her into his car.

The man reportedly told her that she needed to go with him because her mom was sick.

It does make me very nervous. It makes me apprehensive just to think that he can t even walk to the school bus, let alone play in the neighborhood without his other friends, said father Greg Anderson.

Anderson s boy is the one who was with Erik at the bus stop. He worries that some child will be taken.

It s happening a lot and every day, he said.

Other students who have reported incidents attend Alamo Elementary, Gentry Junior High School and BP Hopper Primary Schools. Letters have been sent home with all parents in the Goose Creek CISD.

A school spokeswoman said the goal was not the scare parents but to keep them informed. She would not speculate if any of the cases could be connected.

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