HOUSTON-- Students at Sam Houston High School started the beginning of their week surrounded by graffiti and cleanup crews after vandals tagged their campus.

They went overboard, said senior Stephany Narcizo. They did it all around the school and that's not right.

From profanity to crude drawings, vandals left little untouched at the north Houston campus.

On the windows in the cafeteria, it says 'F' Sam Houston, said student Leo Echegoyen. They're calling us out basically.

HISD officials believe the taggers hit the school on Friday and again overnight Sunday.

Narcizo is taking the vandalism personally.

It makes me feel mad because it's my school and it makes us look bad, she said.

No one seems to know who did it, but there are references about rival school Reagan High and its Bulldog mascot even though some of those mentions are spelled wrong.

Whoever did that probably needs to go back to elementary, or they just need to get more classes of English, said Echegoyen.

HISD police planned to beef up patrol on and around campus to make sure the school doesn't become a target again.

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