HOUSTON A Houston woman was caught on a surveillance camera starting a fire in front of an apartment in north Houston, according to investigators with the Houston Arson Bureau.

Stephanie Denice Hernandez, 39, was charged with arson and remains at large.

According to a police affidavit, Hernandez showed up at the Worthington Apartments where a family barbecue was taking place around 9 p.m. on November 3. Hernandez claimed that one of the apartment residents had taken money from her bank account by withdrawing it from an ATM.

I have got something for you, Hernandez allegedly told a woman before leaving.

After the confrontation, that womanspentthe night with a neighbor at the Pine Lake Apartments nearby, the report said.

The next morning, a neighbor told her that her apartment was on fire. She rushed home to find the fire department extinguishing the remainder of the flames.

After talking to witnesses, investigators requested surveillance video from the leasing office which showed a woman, identified as Hernandez, lighting a newspaper on fire in front of the victim s apartment door, according to police.

Investigators then interviewed Hernandez. During a voluntary audio confession, Hernandez admitted to setting the newspaper on fire with rubbing alcohol with the intent of scaring the victim.

Investigators estimate the fire caused $3,500 in damages to the complex.

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