DALLAS -- George P. Bush, the son of former Florida governor Jeb Bush, filed paperwork with the Texas Ethics Commission signaling a possible run for office.

According to The New Republic, Bush filed what's known as an appointment of a campaign treasurer form. It's required for candidates wanting to run for any statewide office.

Bush, 36, runs St. Augustine Partners, an oil and gas investment and consulting firm in Dallas. He campaigned for former presidential nominee Mitt Romney, but has never run for office.

When asked this summer by CNN's Wolf Blitzer about a possible run, Bush said he's drawn to public service and is attracted to politics.

When asked if he would run for office in Florida or Texas, Bush replied, I was born in Texas. There's a common saying -- sometimes you get back as soon as you can. That's what I did.

George P. Bush has Latino roots. His mother, Columba Bush, is from Mexico. He grew up in Florida, and graduated from Rice University and the University of Texas law school. Bush currently lives in Fort Worth. He also co-founded the Hispanic Republicans of Texas Political Action Committee.

There's no word on what office Bush might run for, but we'll know for sure on Jan. 15, the deadline for campaign finance reports.

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