DALLAS The school bus driver who plowed into an apartment building in Oak Cliff Tuesday had a heart attack while driving, a Dallas County Schools spokeswoman said.

The bus smashed through a gate and hit three other vehicles on its way through a wall of the apartment building, located in the 3000 block of Ledbetter Drive. Nobody was injured, but there were two children on the bus.

In a statement, Dallas County Schools spokeswoman Susan Falvo said that, while the incident is still being investigated, the driver of the bus suffered a heart attack, which is believed to have caused the accident.

Our concern is for the health of the driver, she wrote. Our hearts and prayers are with the driver.

He hasn't been identified.

Falvo said the bus is new and is being inspected for any mechanical deficiencies that could ve played a role in the crash.

We are very grateful that no students, employees or citizens sustained major injuries, she said.

It s not clear what condition the driver is in.

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