HOUSTON A police chase through west Houston streets ended Wednesday when the suspects were captured in a cemetery.

Police began chasing them after a bank robbery at an Amegy Bank in the 1500 block of Eldridge Parkway just after noon.

The robbers were armed with semi-automatic handguns, according to the FBI.

Marquis Garr or said he saw them run out of the bank with a bag of money.

It was really crazy because it was my first time seeing a bank robbery, Garr or said. When they came out, I just seen em laughing.

The suspects ran into a nearby neighborhood, but police spotted them a few minutes later in a Buick.

The cops tried to pull them over, but they sped off.

Officers cornered the suspects after they drove into the Forest Park Westheimer Cemetery.

Cemetery worker Don Phlegm heard the commotion.

I hear a lot of police sirens coming in, and you hear boom, boom, boom, he said.

The boom, boom, boom Phlegm was the sound of the suspects taking out tombstones before they bailed out of the car. At least five grave markers were damaged.

It looks like a disaster, Phlegm said. Maybe 5 or 6 tombstones, they re all cracked up and broken, and it s gonna create a lot of work for us.

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