GALVESTON COUNTY, Texas Many of the polling centers in Galveston County had trouble getting people to voteTuesday morning. After delays, most of the county s voting centers were up and running by 9 a.m.

GalvestonCountypolls stayed open until8:54 make up for the lost time.

Polls opened at 7 a.m. but at many locations poll workers did not start the computer systems early enough to be ready on time, Chief Deputy County Clerk for Elections Bill Sargent said.

We told (workers) that it would take a while and to get started at 6 a.m., Sargent said. Where there are delays, they didn t do that.

The issue was widespread and caused delays at almost all of the county s 45 voting centers.

At College of the Mainland, frustrated voters left the polling location.

Sargent said the system starts up by printing all of the ballots for that polling location to certify that no votes had been cast before voting started. Because the county now uses voting centers, that enables residents to vote at any polling location regardless of the precinct.

Each polling location has 463 ballots. The system cannot process voters until the printing of the ballots is complete, Sargent said.

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