HOUSTON In the hours before the polls open, you can count on hearing the accusations fly.

Eve Rockford caused a stir on a number of national websites over the weekend when she reported that NAACP members at an early voting location in Acres Homes were overstepping their bounds.

When I saw them moving people right through those e-slate machines to that front desk, I was, like, There is something seriously wrong with this, said Rockford. They are in the building. They are not 100 feet out the door. They are inside the building.

Rockford said they weren t just assisting disabled voters and handing out water.

They were helping them vote, she claimed.

NAACP Local President Reverend Reginald Lillie said Monday it s not true.

There was no one from the NAACP that was inside the building. And there were no one from the NAACP inside the building helping people to vote. They were only assisting the elderly, Lillie said.

Rockford was poll watching for True the Vote, a Houston-area-based poll watching group that said it will have a million people observing on Election Day.

Critics call True the Vote a Tea Party offshoot that is pushing a far right agenda.

There are plenty of accusations to go around.

Several of my friends have gotten to the polls to vote, and been told they are dead, LULAC s Mary Ramos said. When the lady went to help her and get her the affidavit so that she could go ahead and vote after waiting two hours, [she] tried to slip her a slate card that told her who to vote for.

Anyone who sees anything that troubles them at the polls, should call the Department of Justice s election hotline at 800-253-3931.

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