LEAGUE CITY, Texas- At Creekside Intermediate in League City, football is taken seriously and teamwork takes on a whole new meaning.

13-year old Jordan Kinnear is a sports fanatic.

Anytime you see him you say Hey, are you ready for the game? He s like, Yeah I m ready. , said coach Cyrus Tayebianpour.

He s an athlete at heart.

He s been such a happier kid since football season started, said his father Eric Kinnear.

But the fact that he s in a uniform today can only be described as miracle.

We were told that Jordan would never do pretty much everything he does today so he is a miracle, said his mother Christy Bergeron.

In 2005, Jordan and his stepmom were driving to Georgia for the holidays.

All we know is that they got into some bad weather and they were going through the mountains and they veered off the side of the road a little bit and they hit a tree, said Bergeron. My heart dropped when I got the phone call. It s the worst thing you can ever imagine happening as a parent.

The car crash which killed his stepmom and put Jordan into a coma that lasted 2 months with a prognosis that wasn t encouraging.

He was not supposed to make it, said Kinnear. They said best case scenario Jordan would only ever be a vegetable.

Luckily, this natural born athlete wasn t about to let that happen.

Jordan is a fighter and he didn t give up on himself and here we are today, said Bergeron. After the accident he had to relearn how to sit up and walk and talk and swallow and pretty much everything, like starting all over again.

It s amazing, it s bittersweet sometimes because he wants to play so bad, said Kinnear.

His movements and speech may indeed be limited, but Jordan s heart remains in-tact proving there s more to #35 than what anyone can see.

This kid has heart, said Coach Tey. I mean he s out here, he s ready to go he is the essence of a team.

To see the way these kids have opened their arms and accepted him and welcomed him onto the team, it s more than I could have ever asked for, said Bergeron. You know I just want him to be happy, he s been through a lot and he deserves that.

Teamwork, after all, is what football is really about.

>> Click here for a photo slideshow of Jordan on the field

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