HOUSTON For the very first time, an interview between Jessica Tata and arson investigators that took place shortly after the deadly day care fire has been made public.

In the interview Tata seems hazy and confused.

When asked if she wants to make a statement, Tata responds, I don t remember anything.

When asked about the day care center, she asks, What day care?

Tata complains to investigators that her heart is racing and that she s in shock. Some argued it sounded more like denial.

Witness by witness and one piece of evidence at a time the prosecution built its case against Tata.

The evidence included a smoke detector with no battery that was removed from Tata s home after the fire that killed four small children. A schedule mapping out the daily schedule was also presented. It showed12:30 to 2:30 in the afternoon was nap time. Prosecutors said it was during that window that surveillance cameras captured Tata shopping at Target just as the fire was breaking out.

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