HOUSTON A burglar dropped through the ceiling of a southwest Houston cell phone store early Tuesday morning.

Several cameras were rolling at the store on Hillcroft and Windswept Lane when the thief slid down a chord through a vent.

When he tried to climb the cord to leave, karma caught up with him. The suspect slipped and fell onto a counter, then to the floor. He eventually propped himself up on a wobbly chair to get out.

He s pretty desperate, customer Karen Shumate said when she saw the video.

She was not surprised because she knows stolen cell phones are hot. All a thief has to do is swap out a SIM card for the phone to work on a different carrier.

When a phone is reported lost or stolen, it should be dead, Shumate said. You should not be able to go anywhere to get it activated period.

Rizwan Siddiqi owns the store and says he was robbed last week, too. He said two men asked to look at some phones and then ran out with them. They haven t been caught.

It s becoming very dangerous, Siddiqi said.

The clumsy criminal caught on camera stole dozens of phones worth thousands of dollars.

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