BAYTOWN, Texas Students at Sterling High School will start the week with heavy hearts after a classmatewas killed in a crash over the weekend.

Mournerswearing yellow shirts gathered outside the school in the early morning hours to hold a memorial service for Shawn Williams, 16. Friends said yellow was the teen's favorite color.

Williams died and another teen was hospitalized in what police said was a shoplifting case that turned into acar chase. The two teens were innocent bystanders caught in the middle of the chaos.

Police said a couple trying to get away with a stolen comforter and pillows was speeding through the intersection at Garth Road and Rollingbrook. Their pick-up first smashed into another truck, then the teens car, causing it to burst into flames.

Williams died at the scene. Life Flight took 17-year-old Shay Hollinghead away in critical condition.

Williams sang solos in Sterling High s elite choir, and by the look of things along Garth Road on Saturday, he touched a lot of hearts in Baytown.

He was always nice to everybody, complimenting all the girls, complimenting everybody, saying, Oh, you really nice today. He d mess around a lot, make people smile, said Forest Hayes.

Friends are building a growing memorial at the crash site to ease one another s pain.

Two more vigils were planned Monday for Williams, including one at the crash site.

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