HOUSTON From sleeping on his brother's couch to his knowledge of Houston, we're learing more aboutone of the Rockets' newest stars.

A profile of player Jeremy Lin is the cover story of the November 2012 issue of GQ magazine.

The magazine says a year ago no one knew Lin s name, but with the NBA season about to start, it s proving time: can this soft-spoken boy wonder lead a franchise of his own?

In the article, Lin talks about his rise from the third-string bench to international superstar.

What the heck? That was my main thought: What the heck? Lin tells GQ. People are standing outside my brother s classroom [Lin s elder brother, Josh, is a dental student at NYU] and showing up outside my grandmother s house in Queens.

He also discusses the time he slept on his brother s couch in New York City.

Lin tells GQ he doesn t know but just a few people on the Rockets team and that he doesn t know that much about Houston.

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