DEER PARK, Texas A group of kids were recently greeted at a Deer Park home by a woman wielding a handgun.

From the outside, the Reyes appears to be inviting. There is a little league sign beside the front door.

Any time you point a loaded handgun at somebody there is always a chance of somebody getting shot, said Detective Jason Meredith, with the Deer Park Police Department.

It was the second time the kids had rung the bell at the home on Wynfield on a Saturday night and run off, in a juvenile prank known as ding dong ditch.

According to police, there were five boys between the ages of 9 and 14. The woman s 14-year old daughter followed them to a park with a bat.

Mom was not far behind.

According to an affidavit, she allegedly told one of them he was lucky she didn t shoot his head off. She allegedly told another if he ran she would shoot him and beat up his parents.

The boys said she had a gun in her hand. Police said there was no indication she was on any kind of substance.

Records show the woman is 39-year old Cherry Reyes, and she has been charged with the felony offense of aggravated assault.

Some neighbors said they feel better knowing that.

One unidentified woman said the boys rang her bell and ran too, but that they are good kids.

I didn t even worry about it, she said. Because I can look out and see them in the yard, I knew they were just playing around.

Yet another neighbor believes homeowners can never be too careful.

She could have been scared, Scott Czerwonka said. You have to look at all the situations.

Police said Reyes followed one of the boys home to speak to his parents. They said she did not have a gun when she went.

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