HOUSTON A fifth-grader at Montgomery Intermediate School learned the hard way that some rules are meant to be followed, no matter how good his intentions are.

Seth Trosclair dyed his hair pink to honor his mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer. He has since dyed it back, after his principal turned him around and sent him home.

I was pretty disappointed. I really wanted to get the message around, I did this in honor of my mom, of course and I just felt sad at the moment but I understood why, I guess you can t have the whole school with pink hair like a Dr. Suess book, he said.

His mom said she appreciated the gesture.

It was bittersweet. Seth actually looks at me and he says, um, mom I m sorry I tried, I wanted to go to school and everybody see my pink hair, she said.

Rhonda was diagnosed a year ago, she underwent treatment and is now in remission.

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