HOUSTON The Katy Independent School District Police Department issued a stranger-danger bulletin for three areas Monday.

One bulletin was for the area around N. Mason Rd. at Lakes of Bridgewater near the pondwhere a female junior high student was walking to school. Katy ISD police said a suspicious person approached her from behind, walking very close. When the student turned, the suspicious person reached out to her, but did not make physical contact. As the student screamed, and ran away unharmed, the suspicious person also ran away in the opposite direction.

Anotherbulletin was released for the Morton Ranch Subdivision where, on two separate occasions, a woman driving a blue SUV or minivan approached male elementary students and asked if they needed a ride to school, Katy ISD police said. The woman drove away when she didn t get a response from the boys.

Katy ISD police said no students have ever gotten out of the minivan and the minivan always leaves when more students arrive at the bus stop. The vehicle has tinted windows so the driver s gender is unknown.

A third bulletin, issued for Rolling Hills Lane and Green Valley Trail, was later determined to be a parent watching over their own child at the bus stop. Officials later retracted that bulletin.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Katy ISD Police at 281-237-4000.

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