TEXAS CITY, Texas--Police in west Texas City are hopeful that grainy home video can help them crack a case of possibly connected robberies.

The footage shows three burglars at two homes along Armstrong Drive early Sunday morning. One of the home s owners, a 71-year old grandmother, can be seen tripping as she runs for help.

Police say the men drove off in a Buick, and likely burglarized another home nearly two miles away.

Eugene Gary has lived on Armstrong Drive for more than 30 years. He describes it as a quiet community where neighbors know each other.

We know whose car is at your house, when you re coming, when you re going, he said.

He said he is now paying even more attention to who is around. He said he also hopes his street bands together more.

We re grown people, we can work it out, he said.

So far, no one has been arrested and police believe their suspects might have been part of a gang.

They say it is also possible the homes might have been scoped out in advance. Each belonged to a woman who lived alone and who appeared to be gone at the time of the burglaries.

This story was written in collaboration with the Galveston Daily News.

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